Fottea, 2012 (vol. 12), issue 2

Fottea 12(2): 149-169, 2012 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2012.012

Revision of type materials of antarctic diatom species (Bacillariophyta) described by West & West (1911), with the description of two new species.

Bart Van de Vijver*,1, Ines Tavernier2, Thomas B. Kellogg3, John Gibson4, Elie Verleyen2, Wim Vyverman2, Koen Sabbe2
1 National Botanic Garden of Belgium, Department of Bryophyta & Thallophyta, Domein van Bouchout, B-1860 Meise, Belgium
2 University of Ghent, Department of Biology, Protistology & Aquatic Ecology, Krijgslaan 281 S8, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
3 University of Maine, Department of Geological Sciences and Institue for Quaternary studies, Orono, ME 04469, USA
4 Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

In 1911, W. & G.S. West published a detailed account of freshwater algae collected by James Murray in the vicinity of Cape Royds on Ross Island (Antarctic Continent). Out of of 84 algal taxa reported, 30 were diatoms. Although the majority of the diatoms were considered (at that time) to be cosmopolitan, eight diatom species and two varieties were described as new. While most of these new taxa are still commonly reported from Antarctic and Subantarctic localities, the exact identity of some remains uncertain. Here we document the morphology of these species from the original type material using light and scanning electron microscopy; the taxonomic identities are discussed and, where necessary, the taxonomy is updated. For several species, lectotypes are designated. In addition, two Antarctic species are described as new: Luticola pseudomurrayi Van de Vijver et Tavernier sp. nov.
and Chamaepinnularia gibsonii Van de Vijver sp. nov.

Keywords: Antarctica, Bacillariophyta, diatoms, morphology, new species, type material, West & West

Received: June 1, 2011; Accepted: July 11, 2011; Published: September 1, 2012

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