Fottea, 2011 (vol. 11), issue 2

51st workshop of the Czech Phycological Society, September 2010.

P. Dvořák

Fottea 11(2): i, 2011  

The genus Cymbopleura (Cymbellales, Bacillariophyta) from high altitude freshwater habitats, Everest National Park, Nepal, with the description of two new species.

Bart Van de Vijver, Ingrid Jüttner, Smriti Gurung, Chhatra Sharma, Subodh Sharma, Myriam de Haan, Eileen J. Cox

Fottea 11(2): 245-269, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.025  

As part of a study on the diatom flora of the Gokyo Valley, Everest National Park, Nepal, eleven species of Cymbopleura (Bacillariophyta), including two new species, Cymbopleura gokyoensis Jüttner et Van de Vijver sp. nov. and Cymbopleura emoda Jüttner et Van de Vijver sp. nov., were investigated using light and electron microscopy. Some taxa could not be identified with certainty using the currently available literature due to small differences in valve dimensions, raphe structure and striation patterns. It remains unclear whether they represent new species or whether the original descriptions should be emended to include the...

Elongatocystis ecballocystiformis gen. et comb. nov., and some reflections on systematics of Oocystaceae (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta).

Lothar Krienitz, Christina Bock

Fottea 11(2): 271-278, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.026  

Three new strains of members of the family Oocystaceae collected in inland waters of Africa were studied microscopically and by molecular phylogeny. The new genus Elongatocystis was decribed, and the new combination Elongatocystis ecballocystiformis was proposed. The phylogenetic position of Oocystidium sp., and Quadricoccus ellipticus within the family was shown. The SSU rRNA phylogeny of Oocystaceae recovered a need for further studies to display the generic and species concept in this monophyletic group of green algae. The essential research steps were discussed.

Excentrochloris fraunhoferiana sp. nov. (Botrydiopsidaceae, Xanthophyceae), a new aerophytic species from the surfaces of modern buildings.

Wolfgang Hofbauer, Georg Gärtner, Thorsten Rennebarth, Klaus Sedlbauer, Florian Mayer, Klaus Breuer

Fottea 11(2): 279-291, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.027  

A new aerophytic species of the xanthophycean genus Excentrochloris - Excentrochloris fraunhoferiana Hofbauer, Gärtner, Rennebarth, Sedlbauer, Mayer et Breuer from a building surface is described. Light microscopically investigation and sequence analyses showed a clear relationship of the new alga to Botrydiopsis
Broady. Cytomorphology and reproduction of the new species was investigated on cultures. E. fraunhoferiana differs from the type species E. gigas by bigger size of adult vegetative cells with obligate thickening of wall, and none amoeboid zoospores with one chloroplast. Adult zoospores are...

Taxonomic reassessment of the genus Chlorella (Trebouxiophyceae) using molecular signatures (barcodes), including description of seven new species.

Christina Bock, Lothar Krienitz, Thomas Pröschold

Fottea 11(2): 293-312, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.028  

After the description of Chlorella vulgaris by Beijerinck, 120 years ago, members of the genus Chlorella belong to the best studied green algae worldwide. However, numerous open questions remained regarding their systematics. Recent molecular studies showed the polyphyly of the genus within the Chlorophyceae and Trebouxiophyceae. Chlorella-species were traditionally characterized by spherical to oval cell shape, solitary lifeform and the absence of mucilaginous envelopes. The challenge in the past was how to distinguish species due to their high phylogenetic diversity combined with a limited amount of morphological characters....

The CAUP image database.

Jana Veselá, Pavel ©kaloud, Pavla Urbánková, Magda ©kaloudová, Tomáą Kalina

Fottea 11(2): 313-316, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.029  

The CAUP (Charles University in Prague) image web-database of algae is mostly based on the heritage of the German personalities who were working at the German part of Charles University from the second half of the 19th century to the 1945. Database includes at present 275 images of herbarium specimens, 1,710 images of permanent slides and 1,044 images of living algal strains from CAUP culture collection; in total 1,135 specimens. Nevertheless, many objects in the University collection remained to be non-digitalised and the original species names of objects have been only partially revised.

Quantification of DNA content in freshwater microalgae using flow cytometry: a modified protocol for selected green microalgae.

Petra Mazalová, Petra ©arhanová, Vladan Ondřej, Aloisie Poulíčková

Fottea 11(2): 317-328, 2011 | DOI: 10.5507/fot.2011.030  

The study of genome size variation in microalgae lags behind that of comparable research in higher plants and seaweeds. This situation is essentially caused by: (1) difficulties in obtaining sufficient biomass for experiments; (2) problems with protoplast isolation due to cell-wall heterogeneity and complexity; and (3) the
absence of suitable standards for routine measurements. We propose a multi-step protocol that leads to the quantification of DNA content in desmids using flow cytometry. We present detailed culture conditions, the minimal biomass necessary for three repetitive measurements, a method to isolate protoplasts and selection of suitable...